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ICQ is a software used to send instant messages. ICQ was developed and popularized by the Israeli company, Mirabilis. However, the patent ICQ was purchased by the company America Online (AOL). Since April 2010, ICQ owned by Digital Sky Technologies (Russia). ICQ name itself stands for "I seek you". AOL bought ICQ from Mirabilis on June 8, 1998 for US $ 407 million. However, in April 2010, AOL sells ICQ to Digital Sky Technologies (Russia) with a nominal US $ 187.5 million. Digital Sky Technologies bought ICQ because nearly 25% of ICQ users are from Russia. ICQ is available for devices with operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Other Platforms.

ICQ users are identified by a number called the UIN (Universal Internet Number). UIN usage was first coined by Mirabilis used as the username when registering ICQ users. When you first sign up, users will get the UIN which consists of five digit numbers. Along with the times, began ICQ version 6 users can also sign in using the email address used when making the registration process in ICQ. In contrast to the instant messaging or other web applications, using ICQ UIN as permanent information, although in reality this UIN can still be tracked by using an email address that was registered to ICQ. In addition, users can also change the entire personal information without having to re-register.

Features of ICQ
ICQ attended by bringing exciting features as follows:
  1. Bright and colorful stickers
  2. Theme
  3. ICQ status updates, Twitter, Youtube stream, Other Social Network, Facebook (equipped with a reply, comment, like and notification)
  4. Free voice call (VoIP)
  5. Video Call
  6. Unlimited Texting
  7. Can send files to any format
  8. ICQ connect on your site
  9. Sharing location
  10. SMS from ICQ
  11. ICQ user search service that can fit in the filter
  12. User profile
  13. Games
  14. Send, delivered and read notification
  15. Quick reply on mobile
  16. Many other shortcut
  17. Can set username at will (but IUN still not changed)

ICQ messenger

ICQ software information

Minimum system requirements
  • Operating systems : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS X
  • Processor : Pentium 4 or later 1GHz minimum
  • Hard Disk : 500 MB of available disk space
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Webcam, speaker, microphone (attached or separately)
  • High-speed broadband connection with a speed of 4 Mbps download/upload 512 kpbs
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