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AIMP is a freeware lightweight music player that is very complete than similar software. AIMP can be used on computers with Windows operating systems. AIMP is a competitor of music software such as Jet Audio and Winamp. The existence of this music player software now many are using as proven very comfortable and lightweight. Perhaps not many know that this software is software made by a Russian named Artem Izmulov. This software was released in 2006 precisely on August 8th. At first, Artem Izmulov himself handles everything. But after running for some time and many who use it, Artem Izmulov making team which is specifically to develop AIMP. From the beginning until now many additional features that could spoil the music listeners.

AIMP has a lot of advantages compared to other music player software. The most important advantages of AIMP is lightweight. Lightweight in terms of memory usage. AIMP music player just needs a bit space just in memory, is not like other applications that require a lot of space. Music player artificial Artem Izmulov only requires very bit memory. Bit memory consumption makes this lightweight music player to a PC with the RAM installed in several small ones. Memory usage bit avoiding loading music player suffered long enough to open it. Only takes a few seconds to open the AIMP. Other advantages of AIMP is the interface of the music player application is very interesting and simple. You can also change the color and also change the theme of the skin. Lots of colors and themes to choose from to create a music player interface is more attractive. Besides many choices skins, interface button in this application is also very simple. Users will not feel confused when using AIMP.

Another advantage of the AIMP namely in terms of language. Language provided by the music player is not just one or two, but has provided a variety of languages. Almost all languages of various countries have been provided by AIMP music player. In addition to excellence, music player also has weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of the Russian music application only supports audio format only and can not watch the video. Unlike a Winamp can also play videos, AIMP can only play music / audio only. This weakness is also a music player excess of this one, although it can only play music, but more than twenty-format music can be played here. Format of bass music, MP3, MP2, MP1, MPC, MP, ACC, OGG, C3 and share other audio formats. For those users who have been using one application is certainly no doubt return performance of this application.

The advantages of AIMP others that there are many add-on or plugin that can be added in this application. Indeed, other applications also provide a variety of plug-ins or add-on that can be added. However, when compared with other applications, AIMP has more plugins as compared to other music applications. Plugins that can be added to this application include themes and skins, and share other add on that can make AIMP increasingly attractive. You can get an add-on or plugin, by visiting the official website of the AIMP. Calm down, to add an add-on or plugin, do not need to pay a penny for all the add-on which is provided free and can be directly plugged.

AIMP music player

AIMP further advantage of the Add-Remove File. This feature is very easy to regulate the presence of files in the playlist. You can delete multiple files at once with this feature. Not only remove, you can add one or many files at once. You can even add a music folder at once. This feature will save you in managing existing music files in the playlist. Other features that Search. These features greatly assist you in finding a music file to be played. You just type in the name of the music file you are looking for it. No need to look for one after another playlist file. In addition to search, those features that make it easier to search for files that Sorting files. You can sort music files in the playlist as you wish. Can sort by title, artist, or the duration and also the origin of the file folder.

Features of AIMP
AIMP has some other features, including:
  1. LastFM Scrobbler
  2. Bookmark and playback queue creation
  3. Multiple playlists, one per tab
  4. CUE Sheet support
  5. Playing media files of up to 250MB directly from RAM
  6. Multiuser mode support
  7. Multi-language interface
  8. Hotkeys
  9. Playlist and Tag editor
  10. Audio library file organizer and search
  11. Alarm clock/Auto shutdown
  12. Support for plug-ins and skins

AIMP software information
  • Type : Audio player
  • Developer : AIMP DevTeam
  • Price : Free
  • Website :
  • Download :
  • File Format Support : .CDA, .AAC, .AC3, .APE, .DTS, .FLAC, .IT, .MIDI, .MO3, .MOD, .M4A, .M4B, .MP1, .MP2, .MP3, .MPC, .MTM, .OFR, .OGG, .OPUS, .RMI, .S3M, .SPX, .TAK, .TTA, .UMX, .WAV, .WMA, .WV, .XM, .DSF, .DFF

Minimum system requirements
  • Operating systems : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32/64-bit), Mac OS X, Linux
  • Processor : Intel Pentium or later 1GHz minimum
  • Hard Disk : 200 MB of available disk space
  • RAM : 512 MB
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